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Quitting smoking can be an extremely hard challenge but with the help of Champix, many can stop for good. Champix contains varenicline, which works in the brain to stop the addiction to nicotine. Varenicline stimulates the nicotinic receptors in the brain, producing an effect that relieves the craving and withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when people stop smoking.

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Key Facts About Quitting Smoking with Champix

Unfortunately not all smokers can take Champix and you should speak with your GP to discuss your options if you suffer from:

  • Psychiatric disorders or active depression currently or in the past
  • If you are breastfeeding or pregnant or if you are hoping to become pregnant
  • If you have suffered from kidney disease


How to take it

Varenicline is taken in stages. On days 1 – 3 you will take 0.5 mg once a day. On days 4 – 7 you will take 0.5 mg twice a day. From days 8 onwards, you should take one 1 mg tablet twice a day.

When you are taking two tablets each day, you should take one in the morning and one in the evening and try to stick to the same time each day. The medication does not need to be taken with food, just with water.

Time it takes to work

This medication doubles your chances of quitting smoking according to research.

How does it work

Champix works in two ways to help you stop smoking. It helps lessen the cravings you have for cigarettes and reduces the satisfaction you get from smoking even if you do still smoke.

How long does treatment last?

A single course of treatment is 12 weeks. If you feel that one course of treatment has not been enough for you, you can start again and eventually you will kick the habit for good.

Side effects of Champix Tablets

There are a number of side effects that you must be aware of. Champix side-effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Unusual dreams
  • Headaches
  • Lack of sleep or increased sleepiness
  • Feeling hungrier
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry mouth

If the medication makes you feel sleepy you should not drive or operate machinery. Champix, in very rare circumstances can make individuals feel depressed, extremely anxious or suicidal; if this occurs you should seek medical advice immediately.

Safety Information about Champix Tablets

Before you buy Champix tablets online, you should read the safety information about this treatment.

Champix tablets provide an effective way to stop smoking. Champix contains the inactive ingredient also known as Varenicline.

Varenicline stimulates the same receptors in the brain that nicotine does. This helps people to stop smoking by relieving them of the need for nicotine.

As with every medicine, there are some side effects although they are rare.

Here is some information about the Champix Tablets:

  • If you stop taking Champix, you may find the urge for smoking again. You may even feel depressed, irritable or unable to sleep well. If you plan to discontinue the use of Champix tablets, then you should consult your doctor and they can reduce the dosage slowly to prevent these side effects.
  • The most common side effect produced while taking Champix tablets is nausea. If you do experience nausea, it is often only mild and will disappear over time.
Leaflet about Quitting Smoking with Champix Tablets


Alternative Options

There are a number of options available to help stop smoking. When will-power is not enough, you may want to try nicotine replacement therapy using gum or nicotine patches. Others find that holistic therapies work and try hypnosis or acupuncture.

The NHS Smokefree website or the charity Quit can offer support and guidance and give you the encouragement you need to quit smoking.

Informing your GP

We request that you provide us with the contact details of your GP. It is important to make your GP aware of any treatment you are having however, we will not contact your GP and inform them of your treatment without your consent.