Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Most men suffer from male pattern baldness at some point in their life and it is usually attributed to hereditary factors. Propecia can be purchased online to help treat the hormonal cause of hair loss and to prevent further loss as well as increase new hair growth.

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Key Facts About Key Facts About Hair Loss

Some people are not suitable for treatment with Propecia

These include:

  • Women. Only men should take Propecia for hair loss.
  • Men with rapid and sudden hair loss, patches of hair loss, or inflammation on the scalp.
  • Men who have previously had an allergic reaction to Propecia.
  • Men who are taking the medicine Proscar (finasteride) or another 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor usually used to treat an enlarged prostate.

If you fall into any of the above categories you should see your GP for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. 



1mg once a day

Time it takes to work

Propecia works by reversing the process of hair loss and stimulating hair growth. The medication is taken once daily and results can be seen within a few months, when hair loss slows down or stops.

Hair regrowth can begin after three months but the full effects of the treatment may not be prevalent for two years.

Propecia is a long-term hair loss treatment and if you wish to maintain the benefits and results of the treatment, you must continue taking Propecia.

There is no guarantee that the treatment will work however studies have shown promising results and the treatment is becoming increasingly popular.

How long treatment lasts

Treatment is long term and often lifelong. If you stop taking Propecia then over the next six to nine months you will slowly start to lose any hair you have gained whilst taking Propecia pill.

Side-effects of the Propecia Hair Loss Treatment

Side-effects are rare but can include an itch, rash, or tender breasts. Up to two in 100 men can experience a lowered sex drive and erection problems.  If you do experience these side effects, they should go away once you stop taking the treatment. If you are concerned about any possible side effects, then we recommend that you talk to your doctor for advice.

Safety Information about Propecia

Before you buy Propecia online, you should read the safety information about this hair loss treatment.

Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride which is used for the treatment of men’s hair loss.

Here is some information about the Propecia pill:

  • Although only a small percentage of males who use Propecia will experience the rare side effects, we recommend having regular check-ups with your doctor to make sure that the hair loss treatment is working effectively and isn’t negatively affecting your health.
  • Propecia is known to affect your prostate-specific antigen levels, which mean that it can interfere with prostate screenings. You need to let your doctor know if you are taking Propecia before any screenings. Usually the Propecia pill should be out of your system within seven days of stopping the hair loss treatment.
Leaflet about Hair Loss Treatment for Men


Alternative Options

Regaine is one alternative to Propecia and it does not require a prescription. However, studies have shown that it is a less effective option. Regaine comes in the form of a lotion that is rubbed into the scalp.

Informing your GP

We request that you provide us with the contact details of your GP. It is important to make your GP aware of any treatment you are having however, we will not contact your GP and inform them of your treatment without your consent.